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Control HTP s.r.l. is located 20Km North of Milan (ITALY). Since its foundation, the mission of the Company has been “to produce high-tech products for high-tech applications”.
After more than 25 years, Control HTP is recognized by its Customers as an “innovation-driven Company”, lead by Italian technical know-how and fantasy.
Our products are often engineered together with the Technical Offices of our Customers, side-by-side, to be sure they’ll
have what they really need. In some cases happened that our brand–new products, engineered in autonomy by our Technical Office, have been welcomed by the Market because of their new approach to solve “old” technical problems.
Today Control HTP’s products (HTP stands for High Tech Probes) are mounted into home appliances (refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, cookers and cook tops, ovens, tumble dryers) and into heating & climate-control systems (gas-fired boilers, condensing boilers, solar photovoltaic panel , thermal solar panel , solar water-heaters, room air conditioners).



Control was founded in 1981 as an engineering Company dedicated to the design of electronic systems for the industrial automation.
In 1985, taking advantage of the experience gained from designing electronic systems, Control started the production of electronic boards for medical equipments.
In 1990 Control became leader in the production of the first low-cost precision NTCs for temperature probes . The following year, using its acquired technology, Control started to produce these components for the most advanced household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, etc…).

The running production around the middle of the 90’s enabled Control to carry out research and development of innovative products, such as probes used in White and Brown Markets. Since 2001, with the new name of Control HTP srl, we have been a well-known partner of the major International Companies producers of white goods.
On 2009, Control HTP started with new products for new market : Renewable Energy.
The Sensors and controls for solar photovoltaic panel and thermal solar panel have been studied to improve efficiency in solar energy systems.  



To perform excellent production of sensors and probes for electronic applications with the maximum rapidity and flexibility in following our Customers’ needs.
To maintain the innovative attitude which characterized the Company since its foundation.
To be an essential partner and a reference supplier in all the Markets we face, giving technical and commercial support but also bringing new ideas to satisfy the needs of the most demanding and qualified Customers.