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This solution is designed for no-frost fridges, and it is engineered to be mounted on the evaporator: it combines the function of protection of both the sides of the heating-element with the function of the temperature-control of the evaporator (sending temperature data to the refrigerator’s electronic control board).
This is a smart solution to save cost of materials (1 package instead of 3 single packages) and cost of man-labour (mounting 1 piece takes less time than mounting 3 pieces).
This package, obviously, could be filled also with 2 Thermal Cut Off only, without the NTC, to make the only function of protection.
The geometry of assembly of the 2 T.C.O. is better than the “common” version as they are mounted equidistant to the pipe of the heating-element, thus feeling its temperature at the same value at the same time.
The values of thermofuses and NTC are upon Customer’s request. We can mount everything inside this package.
The material of the package fully satisfies the EN60335 GWIT 750°C NO FLAME and ATEX rules.


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