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Control H.T.P. s.r.l. is pleased to introduce a new kinds of temperature probes for dryer machine.

These probes are used in tumble dryers. One  probe (rear) is assembled to the input of the hot air blower, while the other one  (front) is mounted to the output air from the basket.

By means of Mollier diagram, a psychometric curve is obtained to determine cloths humidity.

Both sensors are designed with the same plastic housing (black PPS material), but with two different connection systems, one have connector RAST 2.5mm (front) and the other one have two fastons 6.3mm x 0.8mm (rear)

Click the following links to download data sheet:

upload/2 001 039 0- FRONT.pdf

upload/2 001 040 0 -REAR.pdf










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