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Collector Probes
Control H.T.P. has developed a new range of thermal sensors called GeoThermSensor applicable to solar heating

Solar Boiler Sensor
These kind of sensors are engineered to detect temperature in solar boiler applications, from -20°C to 125 °C.

Electronic Controller
Electronic control of all devices for solar heating plant. The LCD is equipped of Touch-Screen with pictograms, friendly use and easy to know, various back-light colours and compact design.


Junction Box
Control H.T.P. ,thanks to its experience in long-life products , has introduced a new junction box for photovoltaic application. This product was studied with particular attention to fire safety ,reduced contact resistance ,anti-tear of cables by M4 brass screws.

Solar Cable
Our cables meet the high expectations required for solar modules-i.e. Longevity and high weather resistance.

Solar Connector
Our connectors are compatible with the most common types used in European photovoltaic market.




Thanks to experience achieved in high quality and technological products, we designed a photovoltaic stand-alone kit that can be customized according to customers’ request.

  Classic Photovoltaic Kit:

- Photovoltaic modules, from 36 till 60 cells., to convert solar energy into electricity.

- Battery, with high capacity (Ah), for storage of electricity generated in daytime releasable in nighttime.

- Solar charge controller, to manage and control battery charge and load power.

- Led lamp long life (50.000 hours), high power/brightness, and low battery drain.

- Cables, connectors and size fuses for professional connection.